View The Best Range Of Subarus On The Gold Coast

Subaru Gold Coast

Burleigh Cars offers a great range of Subaru vehicles for you to choose from. Located on the Gold Coast, we specialise in the sale of both new and high quality used vehicles at the best prices available. As a small, family owned and operated business, we work hard for your business and are constantly striving to provide our clients with great service, to ensure they return.

If you're looking for a Subaru in Gold Coast, we are the dealership for you. With our exceptional range of new and used vehicles, you're bound to find a Subaru that suits your needs and budget. Subaru is a name associated with quality and performance, and we maintain the integrity of this reputation by ensuring that each Subaru we sell has been quality tested to ensure years of optimal performance.

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Burleigh Cars Offer Nothing But The Best

When you view the great range of cars available from Burleigh Cars, you can be sure you are viewing cars of the highest quality. We would sell you nothing less. What's more, these great cars are available for the lowest possible price, to ensure that you receive a truly great deal on your second hand Subaru. We ensure the quality of your new vehicle in numerous ways:

  • Each vehicle in our car yard is personally inspected by the owner of Burleigh Cars. This is not just the owner, but a highly experienced mechanic with over 25 years of experience. Only the highest quality vehicles are made available for sale in our yard

  • We offer a 12 month warranty on every used car we sell. Additionally, this can be extended right up to five years, providing better peace of mind than many new car policies!

  • All our second hand vehicles are mechanically and safety tested by expert mechanics, as your safety on the road is our number one priority. All vehicles also come with a current independent roadworthy for your peace of mind

For a quality, reliable Subaru in Gold Coast, view the great range of vehicles available from Burleigh Cars. We are bound to have a Subaru that offers everything you are looking for.

Subaru Vehicles Provide Lasting Quality

Not only are new Subaru vehicles abundant on the roads today, but older model Subarus are also highly prevalent. This is because Subaru vehicles are built to last, and offer a quality driving experience for many years. When you purchase a Subaru, you are purchasing:

  • Quality engineering, with the high regard that Japanese motors have come to be held in and a rally driving background, you can't go past Subaru for great engineering

  • One of the safest vehicles available, with all wheel drive and a guarantee that you will not skid off the road in the wet, regardless of the amount of rain that Queensland has been experiencing

  • Value for money, with these top quality vehicles providing years of motoring enjoyment, offering great fuel economy, and holding their resale value well.

For all this and more, visit Burleigh Cars on the Gold Coast and purchase your new Subaru today.