Toyota, Gold Coast, and You

toyota gold coast

Ah, the Gold Coast. If there is one thing Aussies know for certain, this lovely city has so much to offer. Whether you live here or are on holiday, the beaches, parks, and city are the perfect fit for almost anyone. While the city has some public transportation, you really cannot take in everything the Gold Coast has to offer without a car. Toyota has a full line of automobiles that are perfect for getting from the office to Surfers Paradise in no time at all.

More Money in Your Pocket

While the city provides a variety of options for public transportation, there is really no comparison to the ease of having your own automobile. Whether you are meeting friends for a game of volleyball on the beach, or cruising down Gold Coast Highway to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, it is always better to just be able to pick up and go when the mood strikes! But the cost of doing so is something most people want to take into consideration.

There are so many reasons why Toyotas are a great bet for Aussies living in Gold Coast. First, they are some of the most fuel-efficient cars out there. If you are like most of us living in or around Queensland, you love taking trips to some of our lovely beaches. However, when you're driving all the way to Broadbeach or Coolangatta every weekend, that petrol mileage really starts adding up, and your wallet can feel lighter after a trip in a friend's huge SUV. Having a fuel-efficient Toyota can really take the stress out of those drives.

Undeniably, we have all ogled the super luxury cars parked outside the shopping centres, but most of us don't have the finances to afford the upkeep on those impractical extravagances. Living in Gold Coast is not cheap, and when one headlight on a car like that goes out, it could set some people back almost a month's rent. With low ownership costs, owning a Toyota in Gold Coast makes perfect sense.

When your car needs maintenance or a repair, you don't want to be completely broke as a result. Luckily, if you purchase a Toyota at any of the awesome dealers in Gold Coast, you will have one of the top-rated vehicles for low maintenance costs and the fewest "check engine" related problems. Toyota specifically designs their cars to be easy and fast to service, so if anything goes wrong, you should have your car back and be on the way to the beach as quickly as possible.


Armed with the knowledge about why Toyota is the right car for Gold Coast Aussies, your search for your perfect model can begin! There are so many options, you might have a hard time deciding between a truck with the perfect boot for your board, and the cute hybrid that you can picture yourself whizzing down Goad Coast Highway in. Looking down the lot and trying to decide between the models will be one of the most difficult decisions of your life! Visit for more information about Toyotas in the Gold Coast!