How About Owning a Holden for Gold Coast Driving?

Holden Gold Coast

If you are a love driving a Holden during Gold Coast nights, we have the perfect automobile for you! Here at Burleigh Cars you will find a great selection of many models of Holden cars to choose from. We stock everything from the sensible Berlina Sedan to the aggressive Commodore SS Sedan, and much more! If you are looking for something to drive to the V8 Supercars event, you should consider a sleek and sexy HSV for Gold Coast race days! At Burleigh Cars we always have a spectacular selection of vehicles to choose from, especially when it comes to a Holden!

Buying an Used Holden is Simple!
Buying cars can be a complicated endeavour. If you are looking for a great car, you have to find a great auto trader. When you start looking at used cars, the necessity to find the best dealer gets even more important. Without the security of a factory warranty, you will want to know that you are buying a Holden that is as reliable as it is good looking!

Buying a Holden in Gold Coast has never been easier thanks to our team at Burleigh Cars! The focus at our dealership is all about stocking the lot with quality automobiles that not only look good, but are also mechanically sound and dependable. Here, the buyer owns the lot and hand picks the cars and trucks that are put up for sale. This is so important when purchasing a used car because it ensures that the selection that you choose from is the best that it can be!

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Buy a Used Holden From Us and Get a 12 Month Warranty!
Anytime you are considering buying a car, its reliability usually comes into question. If you are looking at purchasing a Holden from us, you should know that your purchase will be reliable for many years to come. If Burleigh Cars' exceptional inventory doesn't put your mind at ease,perhaps knowing that every used car sold by us comes with a 12 month warranty will. Hands down, we are the best car dealer on Gold Coast!

If you are considering purchasing a Holden and Gold Coast auto traders are not living up to your expectations, you should talk to the caring and knowledgeable sales team at Burleigh Cars. Call us or go online for a quote today!