You'll Love Your Next Car From Holden In Gold Coast

Holden Gold Coast

Finding that perfect car can be a lot of work. When you go to, you'll be able to do a little homework before going out to the car lots. You'll be able to see what kind of car you really do need and want. Once you figure out what kind you are looking for, then you can go out to buy your car at Holden in Gold Coast.

You'll be impressed with the variety of vehicles you can find, whether you're buying cars used Holden in Gold Coast or if you're expecting to buy a new vehicle, you'll find it at Holden. To show you what kind of variety you'll find, take a look at their website.

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You'll find a Barina Spark. This car has the personality of individuality. The boundary between reality and fiction becomes blurred as this fantasy car stands out from the rest. It has a high level of safety and it's sporty looking. This is a car for the person who wants to look sharp and yet have the practicality of saving money on gas as it is a 4 cylinder. It's a three-door that gives you the space of a five-door. It comes with luxuries, such as a CD/MP3 sound system and a USB input with iPod compatibility.

If you need a little more room for your family, you may be interested in a previously owned 2011 Commodore SV6. It is a 6 cylinder sedan. There is room in the back seat for three adults or three baby car-seats if needed. It has dual zone climate control, so if you're a hot natured person and your spouse is cooler natured, both of you can be comfortable in the same car. It has a manual transmission, so if you're the kind of driver that loves to have control over his own car, this one is for you. It also saves you on your gas budget.

When you need to buy second hand Holden, we've got the best vehicles that are in excellent condition and most of them have their logbooks. You'll know exactly how well your previously owned vehicle was taken care of. And the beauty of buying Holden is that we do trade-ins. We work very hard to get you a fair price for your trade-in vehicle.

You can buy your previously owned vehicles at great prices at Burleigh Cars. You will get a vehicle in pristine condition that is reasonably priced at Holden. Our buyers purchase only the highest quality of vehicles for our car lots. Because we have this tight level of control over our inventory, you can buy from us with a peace of mind. We provide a 12-month warranty on all of our cars. We can offer an additional 5-year warranty on our newer models. We have a large range of vehicles for you to choose from. You won't be disappointed when you buy Holden cars. We make sure you'll be a satisfied customer.