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Car Dealer Gold Coast

Finding a car dealer in Gold Coast is not that hard to do, but finding one that you can trust is sometimes a challenge. In this day and age where everything is about profit margins and volume, it is nice when you can find a dealer that provides a personal touch. Buying a used car, like a VW in Gold Coast, is a major investment. It is refreshing to find a company like Burleigh Cars that takes the time to consider the client. We are more concerned with customer satisfaction than numbers. Also, we have a wide selection of the absolute best used vehicles in the area. If you cannot find what you want on our lot, we will get it for you!

A Different Kind of Car Dealer!
If you have been in the market for a used automobile, then you have probably run across many flashy ads and sales people trying to lure you in with their propaganda. If you are looking for a better buying experience, you should come in and have a look at Burleigh Cars. Here you will find a different kind of car dealers. We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on providing great used cars in Gold Coast at reasonable prices!

Here at Burleigh Cars, we think that being a great car dealer starts with the range and selection of used vehicles in our yard. With quality and reliable used cars and trucks to offer our customers, it is hard to beat the value you will find when shopping with us! In addition to our great selection,we also have a friendly team that is dedicated to getting you the best deal possible.

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Many Great Reasons to Buy From Burleigh Cars
With so many options in regards to finding a car dealer, the resounding question is who to buy from. If you are still in doubt about Burleigh Cars, consider that the cars on our lot are handpicked from across the country. Our two main objectives are providing reliable autos at low prices and that our buyers select only the best cars for our lot. We believe in this so much that every car we sell comes backed by a 12 month warranty.

If you want a car dealer in Gold Coast that you can trust, with a great selection of used cars at the lowest possible price, choose Burleigh Cars as your authority. Call us or go online for a quote today!