• Car Dealer Gold Coast

    The Best Car Dealer in Gold Coast

    Finding a car dealer in Gold Coast is not that hard to do, but finding one that you can trust is sometimes a challenge. In this day and age where everything is about profit margins and volume, it is nice when you can find a dealer that provides a personal touch. Buying a used car, like a VW in...  read more

  • Ford Gold Coast

    Owning a Reliable Ford in Gold Coast is Easy!

    If you would like to drive a Ford around Gold Coast but you own a rust bucket instead, check out Burleigh Cars and our great selection. We have an area of our showroom that is entirely dedicated to Ford vehicles. With a great variety of the best Ford automobiles on the market, there is sure to...  read more

  • Holden Gold Coast

    How About Owning a Holden for Gold Coast Driving?

    If you are a love driving a Holden during Gold Coast nights, we have the perfect automobile for you! Here at Burleigh Cars you will find a great selection of many models of Holden cars to choose from. We stock everything from the sensible Berlina Sedan to the aggressive Commodore SS Sedan, and...  read more

  • Hyundai Gold Coast

    Owning a Hyundai in Gold Coast is Simple

    If you are in the market for a used Hyundai in Gold Coast, you should consider the dealer. It is important to purchase from someone that takes buying their stock seriously. If the auto trader is just trying to flip a few cars to make quick money, you can find yourself in serious trouble. If...  read more

  • Mazda Gold Coast

    Find a Great Used Mazda in Gold Coast!

    Get the Mazda in Gold Coast that you deserve when you buy from Burleigh Cars! If you expect a little more when you buy a used car, we have exactly what you are looking for. At Burleigh Cars we take your satisfaction seriously! We have been in the business long enough to know what makes...  read more

  • Mercedes Benz Gold Coast

    Find Pure Luxury with a Mercedes Benz in Gold Coast!

    If you have considered owning a Mercedes Benz in Gold Coast, there has never been a better time to buy than right now! At Burleigh Cars we have great deals on used cars near Brisbane, and Mercedes Benz line-up is impressive. Get behind the wheel of some of the finest German cars and vans ever...  read more

  • Mitsubishi Gold Coast

    Buy a Fabulous Mitsubishi with Gold Coast’s Auto Leader!

    If you want to buy a Mitsubishi in Gold Coast, and you are looking for a big selection with low prices, Burleigh Cars is the place to go. Leading the way in satisfaction, we are the best auto trader to buy used cars in Gold Coast through! From the minute you walk on our yard, you will...  read more

  • Toyota Gold Coast

    There is Nothing Better than Owning a Toyota in Gold Coast!

    If you have ever wanted to own a Toyota in Gold Coast, you are not alone. Without a doubt, Toyotas are the most reliable and long lasting cars you can own. Once inside one of these fine vehicles you will not be disappointed. They are loaded with amenities and the ride is spectacular. If you...  read more

  • Used Cars Gold Coast

    Are You Looking for Used Cars in Gold Coast?

    If you want an awesome selection of used cars in Gold Coast, but you just keep finding the same terrible dealers, you need to stop in at Burleigh Cars. We are the absolute best car dealer Gold Coast has to offer, with a wide selection of used autos to choose from. In fact, our selection is so...  read more

  • Used Toyota Gold Coast

    Find The Best Used Toyota in Gold Coast!

    Buying a used Toyota in Gold Coast can be one of the most satisfying purchases you will ever make. If you are looking for a great deal on one of these vehicles, Burleigh Cars is your prime car dealer in Gold Coast! We are an experienced auto trader that still believes that our customers are...  read more

  • VW Gold Coast

    Own a VW in Gold Coast and Drive the Best

    Owning a VW for Gold Coast driving is a privilege everyone should experience. If you have been thinking that you might never be able to purchase such a fine example of German engineering, you need to talk to the friendly people here at Burleigh Cars. With everything from the no nonsense VW...  read more

  • Ford Gold Coast

    Buy Your Next Ford At Gold Coast And Enjoy Your Drive

    If you're looking for a car, whether it's a used used Ford in Gold Coast or a new one, you'll find everything you could possibly desire in a Ford at Gold Coast. There is such a variety Fords models and there is one for every kind of person. There is a Ford out there for for those who are just...  read more

  • Holden Gold Coast

    You'll Love Your Next Car From Holden In Gold Coast

    Finding that perfect car can be a lot of work. When you go to, you'll be able to do a little homework before going out to the car lots. You'll be able to see what kind of car you really do need and want. Once you figure out what kind you are looking for, then you can go out...  read more

  • Toyota Gold Coast

    Make Your Next Car Purchase A Toyota In Gold Coast

    When it comes to buying a used vehicle, you need to keep some things in mind. You want a car that doesn't have too many miles on it. This way, the wear and tear on the car won't be extreme. You want a car that will be reliable and not too hard on your gas budget. You really can't go wrong when...  read more

  • Car dealer in Gold Coast

    Best Car Dealer in Gold Coast

    Selecting the best car dealer in Gold Coast is a tough job. There are so many reputable dealers out there. Yet there is one dealer who will surely stand out. To select your personal best car dealer, you have to observe a few characteristics. Following this technique you are sure to find your...  read more

  • Mitsubishi in Gold Coast

    Buying a Mitsubishi in Gold Coast

    If you are looking to buy a Mitsubishi in Gold Coast, you should be cautious in choosing where and how you buy it. There are significant differences, and minor ones, between dealerships and outlets. Buying a car is an investment and it should be protected at all stages. You already took...  read more

  • HSV Gold Coast

    The Best HSV Range On The Gold Coast

    Holden Special Vehicles (HSVs) are highly reliable cars that are often seen on the road in great condition, even when they are over 20 years old. For a well made vehicle that will provide you with years of reliability and hold its resale value, consider the purchase of a HSV today. If...  read more

  • Subaru Gold Coast

    View The Best Range Of Subarus On The Gold Coast

    Burleigh Cars offers a great range of Subaru vehicles for you to choose from. Located on the Gold Coast, we specialise in the sale of both new and high quality used vehicles at the best prices available. As a small, family owned and operated business, we work hard for your business and are...  read more

  • Ford Gold Coast

    Great Deals On Ford Vehicles On The Gold Coast

    Ford has been a staple name in Australian motoring for decades. Ford exudes quality engineering, reliability, comfort, style and possesses a flair that has been a huge part of the motoring culture in Australia over the years. Whether you're in a Ford Fiesta, looking for to squeeze into those...  read more

  • second hand cars in Gold Coast

    How to find great deals on second hand cars in Gold Coast

    The market for second hand cars in Gold Coast has always been a rather high, especially considering the amount of people who need personal and private transportation. And with the global economy taking a spin for the worst over the last few years, fewer and fewer people are comfortable...  read more

  • used car dealers in Gold Coast

    What qualities to look for in used car dealers in Gold Coast

    Finding the next vehicle that you will call your own can be a bit of an uphill battle - especially if you're unsure of which used cars dealers in Gold Coast you can trust and which of those same used-car dealers you need to avoid at all costs. Remember, not all used car dealers in Gold Coast...  read more

  • used cars for sale in Gold Coast

    Where to find used cars for sale in Gold Coast

    Tracking down your next car can be more than a little bit difficult - especially if you are unsure of where to find different used cars for sale in Gold Coast in the first place. Almost everyone will tell you to jump online right off the bat (and you'll certainly find a number of them by...  read more

  • used cars in Gold Coast

    Never buy the wrong used cars in Gold Coast again

    Even when we were far too young to drive, almost all of us were taught a disdain and dislike for the used car industry. The typical used-car salesman was seen as someone slimy and unethical, someone looking to do anything to push their less than fantastic cars onto another. And while very few...  read more

  • Ford Dealers in Brisbane

    Looking for Ford Dealers in Brisbane?

    Australia and the Ford Australia is far from unfamiliar with the Ford, with the Ford Motor Company of Australia being founded in Geelong, Victoria in 1925. Ford Australia is the third largest automotive manufacturer in Australia with two plant locations and over 3,000 employees. There are a...  read more

  • Holden dealers in Brisbane

    Looking for Holden Dealers in Brisbane?

    Distribution Holden vehicles are all manufactured at Elizabeth in South Australia, and the engines are produced at the Fishermans Bend plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Production and assembly parts were generally operated in Australia's mainland states, with the New Zealand subsidiary of...  read more

  • Hyundai Dealers in Brisbane

    Looking for Hyundai Dealers in Brisbane?

    The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automaker with its headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea. Together with Kia, Hyundai comprises the Hyundai Motor Group, the world's fourth largest car maker based on the annual sales report in 2010. Hyundai operates the world's...  read more

  • Mazda Dealers in Brisbane

    Looking for Mazda Dealers in Brisbane?

    Distribution The Mazda Motor Corporation is an automaker based in the Aki District of Japan's Hiroshima Prefecture. Mazda first started as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company in 1920. In 2007, the company produced nearly 1.3 million vehicles for global sales. The majority of Mazda vehicles are...  read more

  • Mitsubishi dealers in Brisbane

    Looking for Mitsubishi Dealers in Brisbane?

    Distribution The Mistubishi Motors Corporation is a multinational automaker located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company is one part of the Mitsubishi Keiretsu, which was at one point Japan's most powerful industrial group. Mitsubishi Motors is currently led by Osamu Masuko, the 14th CEO of...  read more

  • Hyundai Dealers in Brisbane

    Hyundai Dealers in Brisbane

    Hyundai Dealers in Brisbane Infographic  read more

  • toyota gold coast

    Toyota, Gold Coast, and You

    Ah, the Gold Coast. If there is one thing Aussies know for certain, this lovely city has so much to offer. Whether you live here or are on holiday, the beaches, parks, and city are the perfect fit for almost anyone. While the city has some public transportation, you really cannot take in...  read more